Included features

Get access to all of the features below for just £24.99/mo.

Search for properties

  • Search over 400,000 properties
  • Download / export properties
  • 20+ powerful search filters, including:
  • In need of modernisation
  • Negative equity & reposessed

Manage pipeline

  • Save / label properties
  • Customisable labels
  • Move deals between different stages
  • Store notes against properties
  • Export saved properties

Analyse deals with calculators

  • Supports Buy-to-let, HMO, Flips, BRR
  • Profit, ROI and Yield
  • Simple and advanced pre-built calculators
  • Add custom fields, income and expenses
  • Download / export as Excel Spreadsheet


  • Viewing planner
  • Automatic journey calculation with optimal viewing times for multiple properties
  • Handles different times and cancellations
  • Group properties by agent for easier calls


  • Download report for any property in one click
  • Travel information, nearby amenities
  • Other properties on the market and flips
  • Customisable with your own brand
  • Drag and drop editor


  • Ordnance Survey MasterMap™
  • View property boundaries
  • Property sale & rental comparables
  • View all search results at once

Local area data

  • Data for any postcode, district or city
  • Draw and select custom areas
  • Average asking prices & rentals
  • Average price per sqft

Property information

  • Full address with house number*
  • Floor area, price per sqft*
  • Sale history
  • Instant comparables

Help & support

  • Support section with walkthrough videos
  • Email and live chat support
  • Phone support where available
  • Guaranteed response times
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* Full house number and price per square foot provided where possible, available for over 70% of properties on the market